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yes, that long ago.

The "About Us" from the year 2001:

The Principals

Marshall Hays

Marshall holds degrees in Marketing and Accounting from Trinity University, as well as an MBA from Southern Methodist University. While attending MBA school at SMU, Marshall was attempting to become a consumer behavior specialist - whatever that means. He's obsessed with figuring out why people do what they do ( are you starting to see why the Internet is so fitting for him?). Marshall began creating websites in 1995, and had been 'playing' online since 1988 with the long since defunct GEnie network. Now he spends his time trying to find the next big thing for our clients, while also appearing on radio shows to promote our content websites.
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Clark Allen

Clark managed to avoid strangling Marshall while attending Trinity University with him and getting BS degrees in Marketing and Finance, with a Minor in English. Not the typical assortment of degrees for the graphic artist in the group. Clark has always focused on making sure that the 'pretty pictures' actually create results. When he's not learning the details of a client's sales cycle, Clark is creating the wacky sites like VirtualStapler.com. Hey, was good enough for the Wall Street Journal mention it.
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Joe Hanish

Having spent all of his life in New Jersey, Joe surprisingly seemed to get accustomed to the Texas heat rather quickly, but does anyone really ever get used to it? Joe has been programming computers since his childhood. He now oversees the backend develop of our projects. Not only is Joe a computer junky but he is also an accomplished musician.
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The rest of the Crew

Many quality people have passed through our doors over the years. Our full-time and part-time staff have been a major asset to helping our clients and further developing our stable of content sites.

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